Welcome! This page provides RedHispano users of the Channel Service
with a familiar, easy to use WWW interface to its databases.


The RedHispano network was formed not to become the largest IRC network, but with the goal of becoming one of the most user friendly IRC networks. A small group
of dedicated staff members are on hand around the clock in order to ensure that your chatting experience with RedHispano is a pleasant one.

If you are looking for an IRC network that cares about you, the user, then you have come to the right place! Feel free to look around our website to find out more about
what we offer you. Or if you'd just like to give us a try,
have a look at our server list!


RedHispano are pleased to announce the addition of a new server to the network. Irc.RedHispano.Org is sponsored by Sponsor and will be
administered by our current operservices administrator Roketee.

Miami has been successfully linked to the network for the past week in a testing mode, which has proven stable, and is now included in the DNS round robin.

If you are interested in sponsoring RedHispano with a server, then please contact an oper in #cservice - we are on the lookout for servers in more areas of the world
and for new operators with technical skills to help with the development of our next generation server platform.

RedHispano Services

RedHispano recently undertook a "shake-up" of services ran on the network in order to provide an easier approach to the services we offer.

In order to use our services, you must create an account with W, our key user service. Creating an account with W gives you many other advantages, such as the ability
to join registered-only channels (+r) and to hide your host (+x). W accounts can be created using the Web Interface.

You can learn more about the CService, register your channel, or download information about W at the Channel Service Committee website. Or, if you're on the RedHispano,
just type /join #cservice and ask one of the many helpers in the channel. The CService provides a valuable and extremely comprehensive service to RedHispano users, so
be sure to take advantage of all that they have to offer the RedHispano community.

If you need any help with any of our services, the help team is available in #cservice.

-- The RedHispano Network Staff --